God Box FX
                                          ...to each their tone

Hand Made Effects Pedals for Discerning Musicians



Here at GOD BOX we know that it's all about you; that the audience hangs on every distorted and Reverb saturated note that you play. We know that on a good night, a well played guitar solo can send everyone soaring straight to heaven and a solo FAIL can sentence you to HELL. You spend countless hours honing your skill, practicing finger exercises, chords, scales, sweeps, bends and hammer-ons. You squeeze every ounce of expression from every piece of gear you own, experimenting with different tubes, amps, pedals, guitars, cords, and even batteries in the search for something that is your unique expression. Something that is YOURS. Something that says what you want to say, when and how you want to say it. Something that makes you sound like GOD.

Here at GOD BOX, we know it's all about you. With a GOD BOX pedal, you will be one step closer to convincing everyone else, too.

Note:all pedals are built to order, and currently there is a two week turnaround.